Intermark's Partners: The International School of Moscow (ISM)

Intermark Relocation is dedicated to developing and promoting positive relationships with partners and clients. For over two decades now, this belief has been a pillar of our business and the key to success for all our partnerships, both new and longstanding.

Together with The International School of Moscow, Intermark Relocation helps expatriates and their families make Moscow their new home

Intermark is multiplied by two!

Intermark Relocation became a member of X2 Logistics Networks!

Destination - Belarus

Today we want to present our “Country Page Belarus» brochure, which offers useful information about Belarus and its capital Minsk.

Moscow Digest. #17

Dear Friends,

This weekend can be unforgetable, if you enjoy Moscow with our super selection of interesting events! This week our main themes are : Festivals in Moscow, Expos in Moscow, Music in Moscow, Kids in Moscow with our monthly Russian Fairy Tail and sports with the TOP5 Eternal machines - legend cars from USSR.

Relocation Service Provider or Team of The Year

We are so proud to report that Intermark Relocation is this year’s winner of the very prestigious RE:LOCATE AWARD as the BEST RELOCATION SERVICE PROVIDER or TEAM OF THE YEAR!!!

Intermark Moscow Digest. May 1-11

Dear Friends,

Welcome the first long weekend of May with the celebration of the Spring & Labour Day! 3 days of holidays to enjoy Moscow with us! We selected the best events for you in the following themes: Festivals in Moscow, Expo in Moscow, Music in Moscow and Kids with the traditional Monthly Fairy tail and the TOP5 of the best Aqua parks in Moscow. No time to sit home!

Intermark Moscow Digest. April 23-24

Dear Friends,

Our Digest is your key to interesting weekends in Moscow! And this weekend will be amazing! The highlight for this weekend: Festivals, Fairs and Markets, Expos, Music, Shows and Taste of Russia with our TOP5 best Russian goods that you will love after moving in Moscow!


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