Pros and Cons of Moving to Moscow

Moscow is a very exciting place to live. With it’s dramatic history and current political situation, life can never be considered boring.

RUSSIA: No Work Permit Unless You Go To Russia State Clinic

June 2011 was marked by an unexpected announcement from Federal Migration Service: as of June 9th a foreign national will have to provide medical tests results issued by a state Russian clinic. Similar certificates issued by private or international clinics – which are the most popular among expats – are no longer accepted.


Health care is one of the most important and at the same time scaremongering issue for all expats coming to Russia. This is because most of foreigners do not trust any new doctors except their personal family ones. Intermark Relocation can not underestimate the importance of this subject for all newcomers, and therefore is willing to share some insight into the world of medical care in Russia.

RUSSIA – FRANCE: No More Work Permits!

After several rounds of negotiations Russia and France finally signed an “Agreement between France and Russia on special terms of temporary employment for citizens of both countries”, coming into force March 1st, 2011. It is a long awaited breakthrough between the two countries, as the first steps towards the agreement were made back in 2009 in Rambouillet.


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