Moscow Digest. November 29-30

Dear Friends,

This week is already the last of November and then we enter in the Months of Festive Seasons! This edition is divided into the following sections: Festivals in Moscow, Markets in Moscow, Expos in Moscow, Music and Ballet in Moscow, in addition to our special selection of the TOP7 best Skating Rink in Moscow.

Moscow Digest. November 22-23

Dear Friends!

This weekend will be terrific! Especially if you are interested in Italian Culture. The Moscow Digest this week will present events from following sections:

Festivals and Markets, Exhibitions and Music!

Moscow Digest. November 15-16

Dear Friends!

We choose for you the best events to enjoy the city and to get ready to coming soon festive season. This weekend our main themes are: Festivals (with a TOP7 selection of crazy shops), Expos, Music and Show.

Moscow Digest. Halloween Edition

This weekend as well as our Moscow Digest will be BIG! We will start the weekend with the Friday Night and a Special Halloween section and will stop only at Tuesday the 4th of November – the Unity Day. Plenty of events are waiting for your participation. This week our main themes will be: Halloween, The Unity Day, Festivals and Fairs, Cinemas, Public art, Expos, Shows and Music.

Moscow Digest. October 25-26

Dear Friends!

So, we are back with our Moscow Digest covering the most interesting events in Moscow for the Weekend. This week the main themes will be: Festivals, Markets and Fairs, Exhibitions, Show and Music.

Moscow Autumn Digest

When the hot summer passes people get extra eager to make the best of the Autumn months before the cold wintertime begins.

We carefully selected the best activities in Moscow for all types. As a plus, we added a list of the best Moscow Markets.

Enjoy the Autumn with Intermark Relocation !

Intermark Quarterly Report. Autumn 2014

- Moscow Housing Market
- Immigration News
- Our News

Moscow Digest. October 12-13

Dear Friends!

This weekend will be amazing! The whole city will change colour and surprise you for the Circle of Light festival. This week our main themes are – Festivals, Shows, Exhibitions and
Music in Moscow.


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