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Lease Renewal

Intermark Relocations is committed to save the assignee from trouble and stress of a new home finding and move, therefore we will always assist with:

  • Track lease dates and timely notify the client of lease renewal start
  • Carry out lease negotiations to renew the lease agreement
  • Provide residential rental market survey and apartment comparable
  • Re-negotiate best possible terms, including adequate rental rate, apartment improvements, additional furniture/appliances, renovations, etc.
  • Draft new lease/additional renewal agreement
  • Arrange and coordinate lease signing

Rent re-negotiations

Intermark Relocations has developed rent-renegotiations to ensure that our clients are immediately reacting to changes in the market changes, therefore making use of every possibility to cut costs for the business. Rent-renegotiation is applied only to the leases which are still underway/valid, whereas have become in-adequate in terms of rental rate.

  • Review and analyze the adequacy of the current rental rate vs. market average
  • Negotiate with the landlord reduced rental rate
  • Renew the lease for one more year
  • Draft renewal/new lease agreement
  • Arrange and coordinate lease signing