My own Moscow

Moscow is an incredibly large city with long history. And each of us sees Moscow in his own way havingfavorite boulevards, green parks, wide avenues and cozy places. Practically every street of this magnificent city keeps its secrets to puzzle out.

To uncover the secrets of history, just simply take a walk along and enjoy the viewings in cheerful company could each member of Intermark Relocation, as well as our friends and acquaintances.

We’ve started a new project called "My own Moscow". Every employee could imagine himself in a role of a tour guide and show their favorite places in the city.
Andrey Lukash and Marina Semenova became our pioneers in this matter. They conducted a tour along Kitay-Gorod - one of the oldest and most mysterious areas of Moscow.
The rain that became our companion throughout the tour, did not spoil our moods, but rather deepen the impression of a veil of mystery and intensified the joy of new discoveries that awaited us around every corner.
We would like to thank all those who came on the tour.
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