Please be informed that based on the decision (Russian language) of the governmental Operational staff for the prevention of importing and spreading of the new coronavirus infection the term of suspension of flights between Russia and UK has been extended until 16 April 2021 inclusive.

In addition, we would like to remind you that all persons arriving in Russia from the UK are subject to 14-day self-isolation requirement.

Intermark comment

We would like to remind you that the UK remains on the list of countries whose citizens and residents can enter Russia by direct flights, bypassing the restrictions associated with COVID-19. At the same time, UK citizens and residents no longer formally fall under the "immigration amnesty" regime after March 14, 2021, as provided by Presidential Decree No. 791 of December 15, 2020. In accordance with the law, those UK citizens and residents who do not have valid visas or other permits to stay in Russia must leave the country. We would like to note that this formal requirement contradicts the actual suspension of direct flights. Additional official comments on this matter have not been published.

We will continue to monitor possible changes to the Decree, as well as the relevant law enforcement practice.
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