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Established in 1993, Intermark was one of the first professional relocation consultancies in Russia and the CIS to provide the whole range of relocation, immigration and moving services exclusively in-house. Moving Manager, Elena Zlotskaya, explains the current situation in the moving service market and answers questions about Intermark’s business activities.

Q: Please tell us about your company.

A:  Intermark was originally founded by 3 international partners. Since then, the company has grown, developed our service offering, and expanded our  service coverage. Today the Intermark team consists of over 100 people, with offices internationally, providing a full range of removal, immigration and relocation services to our clients and partners. Our years of experience in relocation in and out of Russia together with our clear focus on and in-depth knowledge of CIS countries along with responsive, high-contact client service is what has made us the top experts in this area.

Q: Intermark is a diversified company. How and why did the company decide to develop its moving services division?

A:  These days there is a trend for removal companies to add relocation to their range of services. In fact, we went the opposite way. We began with relocation, then added immigration services and then, five years ago, Intermark began to offer removal services in-house. There are several reasons for this. The main one is that it is more convenient for clients when all the links in the relocation chain are supplied and coordinated by one service provider. Another reason is that we used to be responsible to our clients for quality but had no control over it. Starting a separate business unit and getting out of ‘move management’ helped solve that problem. Now Moving is a standalone department with professional teams of packers, our own vehicles and warehousing, and we actively work with agents all around the world.

Q: What is special about working in this segment, in your opinion?

A:  Azerbaijan is an eastern country, and Baku is an oil city, so of course there are many stereotypes associated with this. But today, Azerbaijan is a modern, fast-growing country, where international standards are observed. Many people are frightened by the customs legislation, which seems very complicated, but in fact it is not. And our customs brokers will always be happy to help with customs clearance.

Q: You provide services in organizing relocation throughout the CIS. Please tell me why your emphasis is on this region?

A:  Today Intermark operates in 10 CIS countries. The development of the services market in the CIS has also allowed us to extend our own borders and win the trust of customers wherever we work. When we open offices in other countries, we comply with the same high standards that make us the market leader in Russia.

Q:  There is a lot of competition in this industry today. In this regard, how would you answer the usual question - why Intermark?

A:  I will answer this question very simply: we have been on the market for more than 25 years, we operate in more than the 10 countries on the map, and we provide all types of relocation services under one roof. The quality of our services is at an internationally high level, and continuous monitoring helps us improve day by day. Our Euro Quality certificate and participation in international conferences help us employ all the latest technologies today and introduce innovative technologies of the future.

Q:  Following on from the previous question, how would you describe the core values ​​of your company?

A:  We work to guide, anticipate and look after every step of the relocation, immigration and moving process.

I would say that our core values are teamwork (as it is core to everything), passion in everything we do, innovation and creativity, and our commitment to exploring new opportunities all the time.  We take pride in our work and aspire to deliver excellence.

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