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Community Impact

Intermark Relocation is committed to supporting its local community and those less fortunate than ourselves in Russia and beyond. The company's success is dependent at least in part on

the support of the Russian people, our hosts for the expatriate customers we work with. We try

in a small way to give back to the community that has supported us so well over the years

Podari Shizn Foundation and Intermark Relocation

In cooperation with Podari Zhizn Foundation (Gift of Life) and the Moscow regional blood transfusion station Intermark implemented the blood donation campaign. A group of volunteer donors from Intermark always take part in this campaign and the blood that is collected is passed over to the Federal Scientific and Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology named after D. Rogachev. As a part of the Podari Shizn Foundation (Gift of Life Intermark with the help of our valuable employees also collects toys and cash donations for sick children on a quarterly basis.

Intermark employees also take part in Marathon that is organized on a annual basis by the Foundation and is called “Running Hearts”

Russkaya Bereza (Russian Birch)

Intermark team in collaboration with the Russkaya Bereza Foundation, that aims to provide necessary support to more than 10 orphanages and churches is collecting toys, books and money for adults and children. Those donation are actually helping to more than 1000 low-income families and more than 5000 children. Each year, Intermark employees give away around 50 kilograms of essential household items that are then being delivered to the fund and dispersed among the dependents.

Sfera Ecologii (EcoSphere)

Intermark continues to maintain its eco-friendly policy. Reduction in plastic use and the organization of eco-friendly disposal of plastic waste is widespread in Western developed economies, while completely non-existent in Russia. Therefore, Intermark Relocation team decided to change it. Within 2 weeks our office collected two bags of plastic items and sent it for recycling to the “Sfera Ecologii” (EcoSphere) company. We continue adhering to the principles of separate waste collection and have established separate collection of paper, plastic, glass bins in our offices.

Pet Shelter

Intermark is currently supporting a shelter for homeless animals called “Dubovaya Roscha”, which hosts more than 900 dogs. With the help of our amazing team, Intermark has collected an number of donations and provided dogs with thermal insulation, food, medicines and dog-leads.

Intermark Relocation and the Expatriate Community “Friends of Intermark”

Friends of Intermark is an initiative established by Intermark back in 2011. The «Friends of Intermark» is a group of expatriate mothers of different nationalities, backgrounds and family profiles who have lived and worked in Moscow for a few years now. They are now part time Intermark employees; they love Moscow and are happy to share their experience with the newcomers. They answer many questions and provide their perspective to some critical questions like: school choices for children, best expatriate events, recommended doctors in medical centers, or even how to start a new business or realize creative ambitions, where to buy the unique staff, or things similar to what they have at home. No matter how professional and experienced the consultant is, no one can respond to these questions better than your compatriot.

As a part of “Friends of Intermark” project, we have organized Intermark Moscow Club. The Club holds monthly meetings with the newcomers where they can meet each other, discuss practicalities of living in Moscow and share their own experience.